Construction works done by Zagope, Construções e Engenharia, S.A.

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Zagope is an engineering and construction company founded in 1967. At the time the company assumed the designation of " Empresa Geral de Obras Públicas Terrestres e Marítimas – Zagope S.A.R.L.". This name results from an acronym, formed from the word “Empreza”, to which were added the first letters of “Geral de Obras Públicas”. However, in 1988, when it was acquired in its entirety by the Brazilian group Andrade Gutierrez, the company's commercial name was changed to “Zagope - Construções e Engenharia, S.A.”. However, long before the acquisition of the Brazilian group, Zagope started as a descendant of the partnership between the French company “Grands Travaux Hydrauliques” and the Portuguese company “Luso-Dana” in the Távora Dam.