Amadeu Gaudêncio

Construction works done by Sociedade de Construções Amadeu Gaudêncio, S.A.

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The Sociedade de Construções Amadeu Gaudêncio was founded in 1930, initially bearing the name of its founder, Amadeu Gaudêncio. In 1935 the designation of “Amadeu Gaudencio - Construção Civil” changed to the name that would be known for the rest of the century. The company was located at Rua Alexandre Braga, in Lisbon, where it remained throughout its existence. For sixty years the company grew in the Portuguese construction landscape, having reached 1500 employees among the construction works, offices and workshops of carpentry, sawmill and painting, installed in that same street. In a variety of advertisements, the company introduces itself as a specialist in civil construction, especially in the use of reinforced concrete and mechanical carpentry.