Construction works done by MSF Engenharia, S.A. 

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MSF Engenharia, S.A. dates back to the days of the former “Moniz da Maia & Vaz Guedes”, a company created by José Vaz Guedes and Bernardo Ernesto Moniz da Maia. However, on October 20, 1969, when Bernardo Moniz da Maia had already left the company he founded in 1947, giving his entire capital to the Vaz Guedes family, his son João Moniz da Maia and Pompey Fortunato founded the “Moniz da Maia, Serra & Fortunato”, future MSF. The company embarked primarily on the construction of dams, with the Fratel Dam and Valeira Dam being the company's first works in 1970 and 1971 respectively. In that same year, in 1971, the company entered the real estate sector with the construction of the “Palma” and “Laranjeiras” Buildings in Lisbon.