Construction works done by Edifer, Pires Coelho & Fernandes, S.A.R.L

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Edifer finds its origins in Sardoal. It was in the hands of Fernando Pires Coelho that the company began to take shape, as he left for Lisbon to study Civil Construction and started a business career in the construction sector, having founded the “Sociedade de Construção Fernando Pires Coelho Lda.”, in 1953, with his brother-in-law Amaro Lobato as partner. Years later the brothers of Fernando Pires Coelho, António Pires Coelho, Joaquim Pires Coelho, Luis Pires Fernandes and Maria da Providência Pereira, also founded the " Sociedade Pires Fernandes, e Irmãos Lda.". Being competitors in various works, they decided to join forces, merge the two companies and create "Edifer, Construções Pires Coelho & Fernandes S.A.R.L.". At the head of the company were the five brothers and Amaro Lobato.