Construções Técnicas

Construction works done by Construções Técnicas, S.A.R.L.

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Construções Técnica was a construction company founded in 1946. The founder and president was Engineer Henrique Burnay Leitão, although it started with two other shareholders, the brothers Rodrigo Castro Pereira and Nuno Castro Pereira. Initially created with limited liability, in 1971 the company became a public limited company. Since its beginnings, its aim was the elaboration of the project and the consequent construction of major works in the country's infrastructure collection, especially when talking about the “Estado Novo” and the Public Works policy inherent to the regime. This pattern would also be seen in democracy, from 1974. The internationalization of the company occurred, like so many others, due to the need to build the overseas territory, acting mainly in Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique, where the company had delegations.