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1952-1994, Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal

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Avenida da Mague, Alverca do Ribatejo, Portugal

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Mague was founded in 1952 as an official branch of the "Moniz da Maia and Vaz Guedes, Lda." company. It dedicated itself to the production of handling equipment, such as cranes and bridges, and to energy production equipment. It became an independent company in 1958. It started with a share capital of six hundred thousand contos, with the participation of foreign companies, namely twenty four thousand contos of “A. B. Bofors Nohab” and one hundred twenty-two thousand three hundred and thirty-eight contos from “Société Anonyme Brown Boveri & Cie”. The company's board of directors was initially chaired by engineer Bernardo Ernesto Moniz da Maia. As executives of the company were the engineers Guedes da Silva, João de Queiroz Vaz Guedes, Silva Pinto, Joãoo Manuel Saturnino Moniz da Maia and Nunes de Almeida.

Headquartered in Alverca, the company began to have about two thousand and five hundred people, of which two thousand and two hundred workdd at the headquarters. The remaining three hundred worked in Setúbal. The Alverca factory had several pavilions. One refurbished with all means of preparing, machining, welding and moving pipes to produce tubular panels for steam generators. Another was reserved for the production of steam generator coils, having specific means for treating and bending pipes and for assembly, welding and control of pipe assemblies. Finally, the last one was prepared and equipped for factory assembly of steam turbines. A second factory, in Setúbal, contained a heavy boiler and mechanical pavilion, especially for the production of heavy machined boilers for the thermoelectric power stations and the factory assembly of lifting appliances.

This company helped to build many dams, bridges, ports, including the Dock 13 or Alfredo da Silva Dock at the Margueira Shipyard, overpasses and other major works where Mague cranes became a reference. The company also experienced periods of strong international expansion and is linked to a great vocational training. Part of the industrial start-up of Alverca do Ribatejo, the company played a major role in the population growth in the area. Mague closed in 1994.



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