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NOVOPCA, Construtores Associados S.A. Profile


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Head Office Location

Avenida da República, 83, 7º, 1050- 053 Lisboa, Portugal

Foundation Date


Founded by

Sociedade de Obras Públicas e Cimento Armado, Lda.
Hermínio Cláudio da Costa de Oliveira Basto
António Jorge de Oliveira Maia
Manuel Correia Monteiro
Fernando Brito Pereira
José Augusto Teixeira


NOVOPCA was founded in 1947 as an affiliate of OPCA, Obras Públicas e Cimento Armado SA. Being a majority partner, and having as representative Manuel Godinho, one of the founders of OPCA, the company from Porto followed the growth of its affiliate, including working on joint works. Headquartered in Lisbon, NOVOPCA gradually moved away from its home company. Its activity began in Lisbon with the Alvalade neighborhood, followed by the works of the 1st section of the Lisbon Metro, from Sete Rios to Rossio and Entre Campos to Avenida. The engineering background of its founding partners also led to specialization in the bridge and viaduct sector, such as the Santa Clara Bridge in Coimbra, the Geres Bridges over the Cávado and Caldo rivers, the Rainha Santa Isabel Bridge in Coimbra, the Sousa River Bridge, the Frade and Agudim Viaducts on A1, and the Tâmega River Bridge on A4, and in the industrial sector, including the General Motors Portugal Facilities and the Factory and Grinding Silos of Alhandra. However, the company built many other undeniable symbols of architecture, such as the Navy Museum and the Calouste Gulbenkian Planetarium, both in Lisbon.

The consequences of the crisis in the sector, which began in the mid-1970s, lead to a radical change in the Company's activity, which started to focus also on construction and social housing, as exemplified by the developments of São Pedro da Cova and Carcavelos, both in Porto, and Ingote, in Coimbra. The company expanded its operations, making room for the real estate market through the creation of NOVOPCA Imobiliária. As part of Expo 98, the company built pavilions of participating countries and reordered the José Queiroz Square, and, as part of Euro 2004, the company participated in the construction of Alvalade XXI Stadium, being responsible for the roof masts and finishing’s. With the recent financial crisis, the company has profoundly restructured its organizational model and diversified its activity to the international market, especially in Angola, Brazil and Mozambique. The company is still active to this day.

Click on the selected works below to know more about them:

Ponte de Santa Clara sobre o Rio Mondego, Coimbra
Ponte sobre o Rio Sousa
Pontes sobre a Barragem do Maranhão
1ª Fase do Metropolitano de Lisbo, Rossio-Sete Rios/Avenida-Entrecampos
Planetário Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisboa
Ponte da Leziria, Lisboa


The timeline of woks done by/with the collaboration of NOVOPCA, Construtores Associados S.A. 



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